Robin Morrish
Robin Morrish


In June 2014, retiring after 44 years of distinguished service with the Society, Robin is now the Society’s President.

Music Director

In September 2021, we welcomed our new Music Director, Naomi Butcher.


Society Chair

Robert Skone James is very excited and honoured to have been elected as Society Chair to lead the Society into its 75th anniversary season and beyond.
Stewart Dearsley
Stewart Dearsley

Choral Chair

Choral Chairman since 2018, having been Deputy Choral Chairman for three years before that, he enjoys contributing to the life of the society.

Stephen Minton
Stephen Minton

Orchestral Chair

A relative newcomer to the society, having previously played with the Forest Philharmonic in Walthamstow, and Bromley Symphony Orchestra.

Orchestral Leader

Susan was a junior exhibitioner at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She took on the role of Orchestral Leader in 2014, having previously been head of the second violin section for 14 years.
Jong-Gyung Park
Jong-Gyung Park


Jong-Gyung Park has been our accompanist since January 2020. She made her orchestral debut at the age of thirteen with Boston Symphony Orchestra
Vice Presidents
Vice Presidents

Tonbridge Philharmonic Society

Eileen Best, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Blume, John Cullen
Christopher Everett CBE, Anthony Gould, Martin Hammond
Penny Morrish, David Packer, Wolfgang Weyrich
Vice Presidents

Eileen Best
Eileen has held many of the important administrative positions in the Society, together with being the key organiser of the Family Carols events that are the Society’s main charitable fundraising activity. She has also been a member of the Choir’s soprano section since 1973.
Eileen has held many of the important administrative positions in the Society, together with being the key organiser of  Family Carols, the Society’s main charitable fundraising activity.  From 1989-2019 she arranged accommodation for members of the Evangelische Kantorei coming from Heusensamm to sing in the joint concerts.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Blume
A renowned music teacher and choir master in his home area of Hesse, Germany. Jürgen was one of the key figures in the ’twinning’ of Tonbridge Philharmonic Society and the Evangelische Kantorei Heusenstamm, which resulted in the triennial joint concerts that have taken place in both Kent and Germany since 1989. The TONBRIDGE TE DEUM was composed by Herr Blüme for TPS for the 50th Anniversary of the end of World War II.  It was performed in Tonbridge School Chapel by TPS and the Evangelische Kantorei Heusenstamm in May 1995, and was performed in Heusenstamm in June 1995, again by the combined choirs. Following this, Harold Best was in contact with Jürgen, and was given permission to transcribe the ‘Te Deum’ part of this work, as it was considered more suitable for future performances to omit the English and German parts referring to the war.   In 2001 a further full performance was given in Offenbach, conducted by Herr Blume, with his wife singing the Soprano role (as she had in Heusenstamm in 1995). It has not been performed since.

John Cullen
Music Director of the Society from 1973 to 1993, and teacher at Tonbridge School

Christopher Everett CBE
Headmaster of Tonbridge School (1975-89)

Anthony Gould
Teacher at Tonbridge School and Conductor of the Society from 1964 to 1972. He is still involved in much music-making in West Kent

Martin Hammond
Headmaster of City of London and then Tonbridge Schools, and classical scholar.

Penny Morrish
A professional violinist who succeeded Robin as orchestra leader from 1993 to 2014.

David Packer
Still a sterling member of the Bass section, David has been the moving spirit from the British end of the Heusenstamm choral exchange visits.

Wolfgang Weyrich
Wolfgang was conductor of the Evangelische Kantorei in Heusenstamm from 1984 (the year the twinning link was established) to 1995, and conducted the joint concerts every three years. In 1995 Professor Blume composed the Tonbridge Te Deum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ending of WW2, first performed in Tonbridge and conducted by the composer. The return concert in Heusenstamm was conducted by Wolfgang, his last joint concert in that role. To show our gratitude to both men, TPS decided to make them Vice Presidents. They were very pleased, and Wolfgang asked what the formal presentation ceremony would be like!

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