New Venue for the Summer Concert

When someone said ‘we’ll have to find somewhere else for the summer concert’ it came as a bit of a surprise. After all, we have staged this last concert of the season in a number of venues around Tonbridge, so surely one of them would be available. But weddings and the limitations of sizes of chancels and other spaces meant that this was really the case, so thinking caps had to be found. Having searched schools and churches and other similar establishments, I happened to be driving through Southborough and thought well, what about there. I know it is outside our normal territory, but we should always be prepared to try something new, shouldn’t we.
Visits to the hall and meetings with the team that run it by our Society Chair and those who are responsible for the logistics of an event like that confirmed the original impression, and so we were on. There is easy access for the delivery of instruments and catering equipment, storage for instrument cases at one side, and plenty of space upstairs for green room use – to say nothing of lots of loos! There is a fixed lighting rig, mic and sound system, and people to help us to set things up. Seating is on a pull-out raked installation, and we will be able to accommodate an audience of 200. Some of whom will, undoubtedly, be so impressed that they will want to follow us up to Tonbridge for subsequent events even if they have never done so before.
Parking is available in the Yew Tree Road Car Park (turn left, then left again at the traffic lights just past the hall). It is free for two hours, and then is paid up to 6pm. If the car park is full, there is parking on the surrounding residential streets. It would be a great help if members could car share for the trip, as spaces are limited.

This concert will have a different feel from others, since the hall is bright, new and virtually unused to date, but I think it will be well suited to a summer event. I shall be interested to receive your feedback after the event.

Joanna Mace