Orchestra Update 24/06/21

I Hope the rehearsal went well on Monday – sorry I couldn’t be there (I was isolating while awaiting a Covid test for my youngest, which came through all clear just half an hour after the rehearsal ended!).

I understand we agreed at the rehearsal to add Weber’s Der Freischutz to our current repertoire. Could those that printed their other parts please also print this, which I would imagine we’ll have a look at on Monday:ütz,_Op.77_(Weber,_Carl_Maria_von). Please use the Breitkopf and Kartel edition if possible (not the Castel-Blaze, which comes first) as this is both more readable, and also matches the edition Ann Preston is supplying.

I have heard from most people regarding availability for the remaining four rehearsal, but I’m missing about a dozen responses still. Could those who haven’t advised what rehearsals they can make get back to me at please.

Finally, we have a zoom catch-up tonight to discuss options for the future (i.e. for our 76th season, starting in September). The details are below – hope to see you there at 8pm!

Time: Jun 24, 2021 20:00 London

Meeting ID: 789 521 4785
Passcode: Egmont