TPS and Covid-19

Following the advice of one of the clinicians in the choir, on 15th March 2020 TPS cancelled rehearsals and concerts for the foreseeable future. This was reinforced by the advice which came from the government later that month, and which severely restricted any movements by all but the most essential workers.

This has been a difficult time for groups like ours whose activities depend on regular meetings of large numbers of people. The situation is compounded by the growing understanding about the transmission of the virus via aerosol droplets created by exhaled breath – and none of us can manage without breathing!

Members of the Society have come together to help keep communications and engagement going. There are ‘zoom’ groups, quiz nights and virtual coffee mornings, and a fortnightly newsletter, Tacet* Times. A ‘zoom’ AGM has been held, with over 80 members involved and a full agenda.

Music hasn’t been forgotten – our Music Director, Ben Westerman, has gone online to talk about the history of music, and got ‘Inside the Score’ on pieces that we hope to perform in the near future. He has also organised online sessions of singing to keep everyone in touch with the art that they love so much.

We are watching the guidance with eager attention, hoping for an indication that we might be able to get together sometime soon. Of course, the safety and health of members is very important, and we will take advice on the best way to approach resumption of our music making.

Our next concert would have been November, for which rehearsals would start in September, and then we follow on quickly to our beloved Family Carols event in December. Watch out for updates on this website for news of whether either can go ahead.

* ‘tacet’ is the instruction in a musical score to indicate that the instrument does not play (stays silent) for that passage