Thirty-five years into the Society’s history (halfway through, at the time of writing), the records are no longer handwritten, but are typed and stapled into the Minute Book. The Society was moving forward in terms of technology with the purchase, for £464, of a duplicator and rotary scanner. This was partly funded by a donation of £250 from the National Westminster Bank.

By this time some names appear that would be familiar to today’s members. Mr Robin Morrish (conductor until 2014 and is now the Society’s president) and Mrs Eileen Best (a member since 1973) were already being recognised for their contributions. Subscriptions had risen to £6.50 and rehearsals took place on a Friday. However, some of the Committee were not entirely happy – the Treasurer wished to relinquish his post after 18 years, and Mr Harold Best was looking for a replacement to himself as Administration Manager. There was a discussion as to the need to limit how long officers should serve.

All was clearly not well. The Conductor’s AGM report noted that a considerable number of chorus members and some string players have become somewhat selective over which concerts they support. In recognising the Committee’s efforts, he goes on to say that in these days of urban disorder … those who serve the institutions of any town or community have a role to play which is becoming increasingly vital to the wellbeing and even the survival of our town.